icubic AG and our data privacy protection goals:

We take the protection of personal data very seriously. In the following text, we would like to describe icubic AG’s position on data privacy protection, how we protect your data and what it means for you when you use our personalised services. Fundamentally, it is our position that the protection of your privacy is of the utmost importance. Therefore, our compliance with legal regulations regarding data protection is understood. Additionally, it is important to us, that you are always aware when we save data, which data we save and how this data will be used.

What is personal data?

Personal data includes all information pertaining to the personal and factual circumstances of a certain or determinable person. This includes information and details such as your (correct) name, your address or other postal address, and telephone number. Your email address also falls into this category, if it contains your name and can be used to identify you. Information from which your identity can not be determined is not considered personal data. Examples of such information are all details without any reference to your name (for example, exclusively your size, your sex, your age, your education, your income). In many cases, our interactive services make it possible to enter such data without a name reference. Details of a general nature, for example, “15% of our internet users are between 55 and 65 years old”, are also not considered to be personal data.

When and where is your personal data entered and saved?

icubic AG requests your name, address and further necessary details when you order a subscription or a product, for example. Your personal data is also entered and saved when you utilise or register for one of our personalised or interactive services, when you order a newsletter, or participate in a game to win something. In these cases, only personal data which is required for the particular service will be requested.

What occurs with IP Addresses, etc.?

With your access to the website, potential identifying data (IP Addresses) and additional details (date, time, site viewed) are saved on our server for the purpose of data security. An analysis of the data does not follow, except for statistical purposes and only then in an anonymous form (on the domain level with abbreviated IP Addresses).

Concerning the transfer of personal data:

icubic AG only uses your personal data for the purpose of product and subscription orders within our company. Your personal data will not be distributed to third parties.

Entry and processing of user information in a pseudonymised form:

icubic AG enters demographical data (details concerning age, sex, city, income, occupation, education, etc.) from users of various services and information about their internet use. The demographical data and the resulting information about user behavior are separated from the person from whom it came and is saved under a pseudonym. A pseudonym is a code which acts, in place of a name or other identification characteristic, in preventing the identification of a person and the drawing of conclusions concerning a particular person. With the collection of such information, icubic has a goal: we want to provide the users of our websites with customised, on-line offers with relevant and interesting content and services. In this way, we have the possibility of providing a more individual (but not individualised) content with regards to editorial and promotional aspects, which also increases the personal utility value of our on-line offer for our users. Through the pseudonimisation and anonymisation of the obtained information, your privacy remains protected at all times as the information can not be used to draw conclusions about any one person.


Cookies are also used by icubic AG in order to analyse the use of our websites, especially the on-line advertising. According to your preferences, we can present you with offers and services of special interest to you on our website. Additionally, this should enable advertising customers to reach their target audience more accurately with out large wastage. For this purpose, user statistics can be anonymously compiled and the data can be used for market research purposes, for example. None of the advertising customers will be provided with any data which could be used to make conclusions about a specific person. For the purpose of performance analysis, we may use the above described cookies to save the general preferences of a user. Under certain circumstances, this data may be enhanced with further demographical data (for example, age and sex) using on-site surveys. You will be notified of this separately during the on-site survey. The data will be saved in the cookie on your computer. Your data protection is strengthened through the storage of the profile under a pseudonym, as the data saved in the cookie can not be traced back to your name. At all times, you have the right to demand information about the data saved under your pseudonym. Additionally, you have the right to object to the creation of a user profile at all times with effect for the future.

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