November 2016

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen relies on iQbonds 4.3

Trusted and reliable partnership: After more than 3 years of strong cooperation, Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) has decided to increase their selection of services from the icubic AG portfolio by adding iQbonds 4.3.

  • New: Smart trading strategy based on intelligent technologies 
  • Expanded: Safe and secure trading through increased monitoring mechanisms
  • MiFID II: Standardised integration and fulfilment of regulatory requirements

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November 2015

DekaBank extends contract with icubic

Frankfurt am Main – DekaBank has extended their contract with icubic AG for another three years. For over eight years, DekaBank has been using software produced by icubic for the settlement of electronically traded fixed income bonds. The use of a reliable trading system and integrated gateways enables the bank to quote and trade the best possible market prices with the lowest level of latency. With iQbonds and iConnect, DekaBank utilises two icubic AG trading software solutions for the fixed income sector.

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May 2014

Market rewards diversification strategy and continuous investment in existing and new products - icubic AG achieves doubling in revenue compared to 2010

icubic AG was able to achieve a doubling in revenue in the 2013 financial year compared to 2010 after an increase in revenue of 28 percent in the previous year. The success story of the IT firm, which was founded in 1999 and has become a leading developer of trading software for the global financial sector, goes back to a successful business policy. The fundamental elements include software and consulting offering consistently oriented to client solutions as well as their approximately 150 highly qualified employees.

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January 2014

Cooperation between icubic and the Student Representation for the Computer Science Department at the University of Magdeburg

For over two years, icubic AG has been supporting the Student Representation for the Computer Science Department (also known as FaRaFIN) at the University of Magdeburg. The company, which made a name for itself by providing intelligent software solutions to the financial industry, has now become an official cooperation partner of FaRaFIN. 

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May 2013

icubic AG releases 2012 annual report: Sales volumes reach new high.

icubic ended the past financial year with new record sales volumes. Germany’s leading software developer for electronic trading achieved revenues of 16.4 million Euros in 2012. This is almost 30 percent more than in the previous year (2011: 12.8 million Euros).

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March 2013

icubic AG acquires consultancy specialist HighQIT

Growth at icubic: The bank software developer has acquired Frankfurt-based HighQIT. The new subsidiary is specialised in consultancy services for operational banking business and also ensures up-to-date maintenance of IT infrastructures.

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New web service from icubic: ISS connects corporate issuers to stakeholders

ISS is the name of icubic’s new software-as-a-service portal for securities issues. This subscription platform integrates reference groups such as employees or clients into the issuing process of the corporation.

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October 2012

icubic intensifies partnership with Norddeutsche Landesbank and provides additional software solution

icubic AG, headquartered in Magdeburg, has equipped the  Norddeutsche Landesbank (NORD/LB) with additional trading software. Due to the implementation of iMarket, the bank’s traders can work even more efficiently.

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August 2012

Technology for transparent trading

Stock and commodity exchanges constantly teeter on the highs and lows of the world economies they reflect. In the last few years, the lows have drastically outweighed the highs, which have cast concern and consternation on governments, financial institutions, and the practices and tools of the financial trade. Global citizens cry out for more fiscal responsibility and transparency at all levels of business. Governments and institutions search out tools that streamline sales and trade, reducing time delays, the potential for errors and even corruption.Working at the heart of this issue is East Germany’s icubic AG, a developer and distributer of intuitive and connected software that anticipates, supports and optimises electronic commerce and securities trading for international financial institutions.

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April 2012

icubic AG presents itself at the International Financial Markets Congress with its newest software technology

The IT service provider for the global financial sector will present its newest product version for repo trading as of 27 April 2012 at the ACI Congress in Munich. The company intends to solidify its competitive position through the introduction of innovative programme functions. 

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March 2012

The IT experts from Magdeburg continue in the fast lane and achieve new revenue record

Banking software and consulting from icubic is in demand as never before. At 3 pm today in Magdeburg, the company published its economic figures from the past business year. Revenues climbed more than 50 percent in comparison with the previous year.

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November 2011

icubic AG from Magdeburg strengthens its position on the international marketplace

The software innovator for electronic exchange trading is now serving Erste Group AG, which is based in Vienna. The banking group, which has an estimated 17 million clients worldwide, has opted to utilise the success package, iQbonds in the future. 

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October 2011

Cooperation sealed: Russia?s largest bank becomes new icubic client

One of the leading financial institutions in Eastern Europe is now implementing IT products from Germany. The VTB Group, which is headquartered in Moscow and operates in over 20 countries throughout the world, is investing in software produced by icubic.

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June 2011

icubic AG from Magdeburg acclaims sales record and is planning new jobs

The developer of software solutions for the worldwide stock exchange trading remains on the growth path. Share holders and employees are pleased about the best annual account in the history of the firm. Additional jobs will be originated.

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April 2011

Norddeutsche Landesbank now also relies on icubic?s iQbonds

The Norddeutsche Landesbank (NORD/LB) entrusts the software experts from Germany. With iQbonds, the NORD/LB has chosen a fully developed standard software for their electronic bond trading.

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February 2011

icubic attends the NYSE BondMatch - Breakfast Briefing

We are proud to present the latest developments of our products and connectivity to BondMatch at the NYSE BondMatch Breakfast Briefing, London. Learn more about NYSE BondMatch, a new European trading platform for professional investors to trade corporate, financial & covered bonds - offering transparancy, liquidity, pre & post trade reporting and post trade services.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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September 2010

icubic sponsors the 'Advancing Fixed Income e-Trading' Conference

The icubic AG underwrites the 'Advancing Fixed Income e-Trading' Conference in London (27-28 September) as a gold-sponsor. We are proud to present you the latest developments of our products. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more Information:

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June 2010

icubic's iQbonds intensifies cooperation with HypoVereinsbank

HypoVereinsbank (HVB) and icubic, the software developer from Magdeburg, will be working even more closely together in the future. During HVB’s search for a mature, standard software for electronic bond trading which was thoroughly established in the market, they chose iQbonds.

With the contract signing in March 2010, HVB and icubic agreed to the continuation and intensification of their cooperation in the electronic securities trading area.  

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February 2010

icubic presents the newest release of iQrepos - the efficient solution for trading repurchase agreement

icubic AG, the innovative German producer of software solutions for international finance, has improved and further developed their iQrepos trading platform. The current 1.7 Version now enables a daily, fully-automatic comparison of financial instruments and instrument data against the markets as well as trading of repos with spread quotes and quoting and monitoring of requests for quotes over MTS Repo.

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January 2009

icubic celebrates 10th Anniversary

icubic AG celebrates its 10th Anniversary with confidence. Since its founding 10 years ago in Magdeburg, icubic has grown reputably in the financial market as a software solutions provider. Financial institutions such as HypoVereinsbank, DZ Bank and DekaBank utilize icubic's IT-products, which were specifically designed for the electronic trading of securities. The positive development of the company was celebrated together by icubic's Partners and the Press.

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May 2008

icubic strengthens partnership with DZ BANK for the trading of financial derivatives

As an established provider of software for the electronic trading of bonds, icubic has developed an open system with which derivatives (e.g. warrants, barrier options, certificates and structured products) can be easily priced and then efficiently quoted to electronic markets.

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February 2008

SIFMA's Third Annual European eTrading 2008

How to act fast and comfortable on multiple markets – that is what we would like to present you at the 3rd annual e-trading conference in London on February 12th and 13th. icubic’s solutions automate the e-trading workflow from pre-trade pricing to straight-through-processing. At the core there is the time-critical execution management capabil-ity for automating quote- and order processing on several electronic markets, like Bloomberg, MTS, Eurex, Tradeweb etc. We are looking forward to present you at our stand 31, how our solutions offer both speed advantages and minimisation of risk.

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October 2007

EPDA's European Government Bond Summit in Brussels

For the second time the European Primary Dealer Association (EPDA) will hold a conference on the European bond market in Brussels on 25 October. We are proud to present you the latest developments of our products. We look forward to seeing you there.

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August 2007

icubic AG and Fimas GmbH enter sales and marketing co-operation

icubic AG, a well known provider of solutions for the electronic trading of financial instruments, and Fimas GmbH, a provider of specialist consultancy services to all active market participants in global financial instrument trading, have entered a sales and marketing agreement for Europe. Fimas, with its headquarters in Frankfurt, is to support actively the positioning of icubic products and services from now on. The continuous analysis of the European market forms another focus of this co-operation.

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May 2007

39th ICMA in Berlin

The latest challenges for banks in the e-trading business were addressed by icubic at the ICMA conference. At our stand we were demonstrating our capability to provide solutions for the inter-dealer and dealer-to-customer markets and how to facilitate the pricing and quoting process across e-trading platforms and across multi asset classes.

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February 2007

2nd Annual Fixed Income e-Trading Conference in London

At the e-trading conference at stand 6 icubic will be discussing the solutions to the latest challenges affecting e-trading. Specifically in our speaker session on the 6th February at 13.20, we will be addressing the challenge ‘The Electronic trading challenge – handling multiple products across multiple channels for increasingly demanding customers´.

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May 2006

DZ BANK deploys iSettle to automate the booking of repo trades

In addition to iQbonds and iMarket, iSettle is the third icubic solution that DZ BANK deploys. iQbonds is a high performance solution for pricing, quoting, and trading of bonds on different electronic markets from a single application. DZ BANK is using the system for acting on platforms such as e.g. Bloomberg, Eurex, MTS, and Reuters.

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November 2005

DZ BANK extends icubic roll-out to external customers with implementation of iMarket

London. icubic, a leading provider of electronic trading solutions, today announced DZ BANK, the fifth largest bank in Germany, is extending its usage of icubic beyond internal trading processes by rolling-out iMarket at its Frankfurt headquarters.

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October 2005

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) takes off with icubic

London. icubic today announced that is has won Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) as a new customer. LBBW will be using an overall electronic trading solution from icubic. The bank belongs to Germany’s five largest credit institutions and is striving for improving its position in the electronic trading field.

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August 2005

icubic conquers the North

icubic today announced that is has won HSH Nordbank as a new customer. The strong regional bank for Northern Europe will be using icubic's iQbonds for the electronic trading of financial instruments. iQbonds is an intelligent solution for market-making and trading fixed-income securities.

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March 2005

icubic pesents iConnect

The newly enhanced connectivity extends icubic’s Direct Market Access (DMA) network beyond MTS, Eurex Bonds, BrokerTec, HDAT, EurexRepo, LIFFE and Bloomberg to include MarketAxess, the electronic corporate bond trading platform, and TradeWeb, the online fixed-income trading network. icubic has also extended its connectivity to the Reuters Application Program Interface (API), in line with the market data vendor’s recently announced decision to push into the fixed income market.

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February 2005

HypoVereinsbank selects iMarket

London, 14 February 2005 – icubic™ AG, a leading provider of electronic trading solutions, today announced that HypoVereinsbank (HVB) has selected iMarket, icubic’s powerful electronic trading platform that enables seamless workflow through increased automation of price negotiation and Straight-Through Processing capabilities. icubic’s latest offering enables traders, sales and customers in the global electronic securities markets to operate for the first time within a virtual marketplace.

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December 2004

Time is Money

It is well known that in 1748 Benjamin Franklin advised a young tradesmen that "time is money". In fact, the adage dates back much further. As far back as 300BC, Greek philosopher Theophrastrus of Ereos said: "Time is the most valuable thing one can spend."

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September 2004

Frankfurt-based DZ BANK extends icubic's electronic bond trading solution into London

Carsten Ames, project manager for the iQbonds roll-out at DZ BANK, says: “Our decision to automate our London-based corporate bonds front office trading operations was a natural development after the success of our project with icubic in Frankfurt. We were previously using spreadsheets to price and quote, and had to have direct interfaces with the front-ends of each market to trade.”

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June 2004

Bayerische Landesbank implements iQbonds Money Market Derivatives to trade, quote and price its repo trading activity

Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB), one of the largest and most prominent German issuers of bonds in the international capital markets, will be the first icubic customer to implement the new capabilities. BayernLB has been an icubic customer since 2000 and its bond traders already use iQbonds to price, quote and trade European government and corporate bonds on multiple electronic exchanges from a single screen. Go-live on the new module at the bank’s Munich headquarters is scheduled for the end of September 2004.

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